The founder of APS Energia Traction and Transport RUS is a company APS Energia SA. The only executive body of APS Energia Traction and Transport RUS is the management company APS Energia Invest. APS Energia SA is one of the leaders in the design and manufacture of power electronic systems that are used in railway, sea, air and other land transport modes, such as trams, trolleybuses, and electric buses. The company is also actively developing the direction on energy storage devices and has its own solutions for them.

Produced equipment adapted to individual technical requirements for power supply systems in all areas of its use in transport. The company provides comprehensive services in the field of consulting, modernization, design, production, installation and adjustment of equipment, provides warranty and post-warranty service for installed devices.

APS Energia offers professional customer support at every stage of the project. A highly qualified team of engineers provides training and consulting on power electronic systems for various types of transport and energy storage, as well as organizes seminars and scientific and technical conferences, where it introduces customers to the latest developments used in the production of equipment.

APS Energia S.A. engineers participated in projects for the modernization of locomotives with DC and AC motors in many countries. So, in particular, our engineers participated in a project to modernize the WAG 7 and WAG 9 locomotives in India (now more than 300 modernized locomotives). APS Energia specialists have participated in concept of modernization projects for locomotives OBB 1044 operating in Austria, ABB DE2550 and Henschel AA22T operating in Egypt. Our engineers also participated in modernization projects for locomotives based on M62 in Poland. APS Energia has developed an efficient, proprietary approach to simulate the behavior of motors interacting with a propulsion (AC) or choppers (DC). The company's experts took part in the development of locomotives for ADTranz-Bombardier, ALSTOM, ABB, VOSSLOH. Our approach of solving the problems are concentrated for significant growth of reliabilty, avaliability and reduction of maintenance.

APS Energia SA has been producing and servicing systems for over 25 years and works closely with research centers in Poland and abroad. We also develop individual solutions with the highest reliability approach available on the market. This allows for continuous modernization of production and improving the quality of the manufactured equipment. APS Energia engineers are the best graduates of prestigious higher scientific institutions, which indicates the high qualifications of the company's specialists and the stability of its development.

APS Energia equipment is used in countries such as Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Spain, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Turkey, Iraq, South Africa, Egypt, Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Iran, Kuwait , Nigeria, Serbia, Macedonia. APS Energia's clients in Russia are such transport companies as Russian Railways, Metropolitan and other companies.

The products supplied to customers have the appropriate certificates, licenses and permits. APS Energy. Traction and Transport RUS is open for cooperation with all companies interested in the modernization and supply of equipment for railway, sea, air and land transport.